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Splitting Bills

December 13th, 2014

Possibly one of the most annoying things when eating out with friends is splitting the bill at the end of the night. While things like Square Cash and Venmo have made this a little less tedious than the check splitting cash & credit card game, it’s still not a breeze. After a recent night out in Ballard I got to thinking that things could be much simpler if at the end of the night your waiter/waitress presented an iPad with all of your meal items.

Then you would simply pick out the items that are yours to put on an individualized bill. Also it would give you the ability to split items between multiple people. If everyone shared an order of fries, you could take a 1/3 share of that and leave the remaining 2/3 for other people to take on their share.

Finally, you’d get an itemized bill, that allows you to calculate your own tip, and then choose between paying cash, or swiping your card through the iPad. All of the items that you paid for are removed from the display and it would then be passed to the next person.

Hitting the “Pay Cash” button would print another receipt that would contain just your items (and splits) on it. If someone wants to steal this idea, please do. I’d love to see it the next time I’m out eating.