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Pristine Fleet Logo

March 4th, 2013

Pristine Fleet was founded in 2010 as a “green” aircraft washing company. As a young company, they started with a very generic logo:

The logo is passable, but it’s fairly hideous and could easily be mistaken as the logo of an airline. Since the logo and brand was in dire need of refreshing I set out to develop something better.

The key points that we wanted to illustrate with the logo were 1) Pristine Fleet is an aviation based company and 2) Pristine fleet is a green-focused company. Looking for symbols to represent these two concepts led me to an aircraft to represent aviation (incredibly original, I know), and a leaf to represent our green-focus (also super original).

I grabbed the silhouette of a 737-800 and a set of leaves to start my exploration.

After staring at these images for some time, it struck me that the veins of the leaf are remarkably similar to the structure of the aircraft.

From this I decided my best approach would be to incorporate the structure of the aircraft into the leaf as the veins. After much finesse (and 100+ versions) I ended up with an aircraft-veined leaf:

It’s decent, but it kind of looks like a flame, or worse yet “an aircraft on fire plummeting to the ground” as someone pointed out. I hadn’t considered it, but airplanes should always be pointing up in a logo. Unfortunately, the flipped version of this is pretty dumb looking:

I turned the leaf on its side and iterated until I was happy with the shape. I decided to remove the engines to make it less obvious that it’s a plane, and to give people an “Aha!” moment. There is definite joy in finding the hidden symbol in a logo (see the FedEx logo) and I don’t want to take that moment away.

From here, the final step was finding a suitable typeface for the logo. Having considered 10+ separate typefaces I settled on Gotham HTF due to its cleanliness and geometry. Here is the final logo: