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BlueSky Dental Logo

October 20th, 2014

I recently did a logo for a startup dental practice in Florida. My timeline for completing the logo was very limited and I took the opportunity as a creative exercise. The requirements for the logo were very straight forward:

  1. The logo should be clean and “modern”.
  2. The logo should communicate dentistry.

Sticking to my usual process I made a list of nouns that represent dentistry, and a list of nouns that represent skies. This list ended up much shorter than typical.

  • Clouds (or no clouds?)
  • Birds
  • Sun
  • Rays
  • ... not much more to this
  • Teeth (tooth)
  • Smiles
  • Toothbrush
  • ... that’s it

Did some rapid sketching:

In the end I landed on the idea of using a tooth as part of a cloud due to the similarity of the shapes. The last illustration I drew was close to what I wanted so I moved into Illustrator and finished the design.

Whenever I design a logo, I try and meet what I believe are three critical requirements:

  1. Reversible: Reversible logos are easy to print on any medium.
  2. Works in greyscale: It is really disappointing to have a great logo and then run into a situation where you need to print in B&W or greyscale and it doesn’t work well or look good.
  3. Simple colors: I believe that when you can get away with less colors, you should. Simplicity looks clean and professional.